Thursday, November 15, 2007

Here's to you, writers of Hollywood

So my plans for tonight have been cancelled. You know why? Because tonight is the last episode of The Office. That's right. Until the strike is over, we will have no new episodes of The Office because the actors refuse to cross the picket line. Selfishly, that ticked me off just a little bit when I first heard it, then my friend Ben (who needs to blog much more often :) ) sent me some info about the strike. You can find out all about it at And here's a link to a video that shows the actors/writers of The Office protesteing: The Office is Closed. I guess I get it now. But I'm still sad. Really really sad. Like Old Testament mourning sad. But I guess I still have one last night to savor. And my three dvd sets of the complete seasons. So maybe that will hold me over.

So here's to you Steve Carrell. I'll miss your entirely inappropriate humor.

And Dwight, the last show hasn't even aired yet, and I miss you already. Even though you're really creepy.

And Jim and Pam. What can I say. Don't let your love go on strike.