Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Emily and Mark

I first met Emily when I was shooting her sister Jill's wedding. The Boehmer family is so amazingly sweet and I am so looking forward to Emily and Mark's wedding! We met up at Laumeier Sculture park for some engagement photos one afternoon and had a great time! Here are a few of my favorites:

Aren't they just adorable?

This photo reminds me of a scene out of a movie... but I can't think of which movie it is. It's been driving me crazy... so if you can tell me which movie this reminds you of, I'll be one happy photographer :).

And I should mention, I helped coordinate a 5K last weekend, and guess who I saw? Emily! And she took first place in her age division, too :). Congrats, Emily!


Jennifer said...

Wow!! That movie pic is super cool.

I'm sure it's not what you are looking for, but it strongly reminds me of Pan's Labyrinth's promotion poster.


I would love to have one similar. Def super cool.

brie bird said...

it kind of reminds me of "the princess bride". The new DVD release uses a simular pose on it's cover, and the wooded background in your photo reminds me of the fire swamp.

Anonymous said...

It kind of reminds me of the scene in "A Lot Like Love" where the girl sets up the photo of them naked against the moonlight in the desert. They're silhouetted like in your picture.

-Rachel [you took engagement photos for my brother, Justin, and his fiancee, Brittany, a few weeks back :)]

Lisa Hessel Photos said...

Ding ding ding... we have a winner! Justin sent me an email and said it looked like a scene from Braveheart, and that was totally what I was thinking of! Thankyou thank you thank you Justin!

KristenMueller said...

Emily is a friend from HS from E-Free- HOW AWESOME! And Lisa, I love the one that looks like it was out of a movie- WOW! It is awesome- great shots girl!

Jennifer said...

Hey Lisa! I would definitely recommend Pan's Labyrinth, as long as you can stomach some gore. It goes over the top, but it was such a well shot movie that anyone who cares about lighting and cinematography (let alone a fantastical story with a historical background) should see it.

I wrote a wordy review when it came out. Forgive my old url's lack of comments... I can't figure out how to convert haloscan into the new blogger beta.

Jaime said...

Wow Jen! You must be my sister because I was thinking of Pan's Labyrinth also.

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