Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Studio Altius

Ok, so I did a super fun photoshoot at the end of last week. I took my friend Cara and two of her bridesmaids to Studio Altius and we had a great time (I'll post the pics later... her wedding is in just a few days and I wouldn't want the groom getting a sneak peak of the bride before the big day).

I have to give props to Studio Altius. It's a great rental studio in downtown Maplewood and if you're looking for a place to shoot, this is the place. It;s only $40 an hour and they also have equipment for a nominal fee.

for more info, check out http://www.studioaltius.com/tour09.html

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Archie and Cara- Engagment

These are some engagement photos I took for my friends Archie and Cara. The weather pretty much wouldn't cooperate, but we still got some great shots. They're getting married in just a few weeks and it's going to be great :).

It got a litte cloudy during our first attempt, so the nice people at the chocolate bar let us shoot inside their place.

Photo Blog

Hey! So, I am so excited! I've been compiling my photographic work for the last three years, and I am so close to having a photo website ready to go! This blog will be linked to my website and will feature my latest work. Engaments, weddings, seniors, art... whatever i shoot, I'm gonna post it! This week is my first wedding and I'll be going strong each week until at least July. I'm especially excited about heading to Jamaica in just a few weeks!

More to come soon...