Monday, May 12, 2008

Marvelous Monday #10 :: Let's Do Lunch

No matter what time of day it is, I'm pretty much always ready to eat. When I'm smacking the snooze button on the alarm on Monday morning, I bet I wouldn't be so bitter if I had something to look forward to... like lunch at a yummy place. Unfortunately, I'm on a diet, so I have a Lean Cuisine for lunch every day. And maybe some broccoli or celery for a snack later on. Yeah, it's real fun.

So if I weren't on a diet and I wanted to go out to lunch, these are places that would be make my Monday marvelous:

Pei Wei

Simply delicious and fast. This place is like Q'Doba, but with oriental food. It's actually owned by the same people that own P.F. Chang's, so they have that yummy brown rice and awesome spicy chicken.


LOVE this place. It's a gourmet food market PLUS Fresh-Made Salad & Sandwich Stations, a grill and an awesome beverage selection. Coffee, smoothie's, local microbrews... they've got it all. AND, it's right next to the camera store, which makes my frequent trips even better.

Cyrano's in Webster Groves

We went to Cyrano's for a business lunch last week and I just can't stop thinking about it! I NEVER have dessert with lunch because, well, that doesn't go very well with my diet of pain, but I DID have a dessert the day I went to Cyrano's. Best bread pudding ever. EVER.

the Old Spaghetti Factory

Ok let's be honest... I don't care if it's breakfast, lunch, or dinner, I'm pretty much always in the mood for Spaghetti Factory. I LOVE the mizithra with browned butter, and I always order the hearty portion so I can have some for the next day.

All of those places are taunting me right now. Any of them would make a great lunch. Or snack. Or anything. But instead, here is what I'm dining on today.
Grilled Chicken Caesar
"Doesn't this look yummy," I said sarcastically to myself this morning, trying to convince my stomach that this frozen delight would be just as good as something from Cyrano's.

Yeah, that didn't work too well.
I'm headed to the microwave. Hope your Monday is Marvelous.


MrsKinMay said...


You seriously need to stop freakin me out with all the stuff that we have in common. I was just down on the landing this weekend and walked by the Old Spaghetti Factory and thought, "Mizithra cheese, how delightful does that sound." I'll be going back to my Lean Cuisine also. Lame.

renee said...

oh delightful mizithra cheese and browned butter...straight from the hands of Jesus i tell you!

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