Monday, April 14, 2008

Marvelous Monday #6 ::

Ugh. I still hate Mondays.

I had a great wedding this weekend in Kansas City, but dang, I am a little low on the sleep after all the shooting and traveling. And after staying up really late editing (again), coming to work this morning was a little rough. I keep thinking about sleeping, and dreaming that I'm sleeping, and pretending I'm still sleeping, but it's not helping. I'm at work. On Monday morning. Boo. But this is my marvelous monday post, so I guess I better make some attempt to not be so negative....

I kinda hate this guy:

Recognize him? Well, if you've ever seen an infomercial from Beach Body, you should.
This is Tony Horton, creator of numerous workout videos and dvds which promise really great results. The infomercials that feature this guy (P90X and Power Half Hour, just to name a few) are so enticing that poor schmucks everywhere are buying his workout dvds without even giving it a second thought.

Well, I am one of those schmucks.

My little brother in law bought the Power 90 series and swore it was amazing, so after watching the infomercial again and again, I broke down and spent my future child's college fund on this series. We started doing it, and dang it, it's hard! That Tony, ugh, I just wanna punch him most of the time. He makes terrible jokes and he really only does half of the workout. At one point, he even pretends to take a break by leaning on an imaginary bookshelf. And he kind of likes that girl in the back too much.....

But the dvd series actually does give some pretty astounding results. Jon has already lost 20 pounds, and he looks TOTALLY different than he did at Christmas (if you haven't seen him since then, prepare to be shocked). I actually had a male professor come up to me at the university to tell me how good Jon looks. That was an awkward conversation. But yeah, he looks good :).

So if you're looking to drop some pounds by summer, you should check out Power 90. Tony's ridiculous jokes will make you want to throw a cheeseburger at the TV, but the workout really is good. And it's pretty simple (aka - perfect for men).

Oh, and here's a quick preview of the bride I shot this weekend in KC (more to come soon!)

Go get yourself some Starbucks and have a marvelous monday