Sunday, September 2, 2007


A few weeks after I shot Bobby's senior photos, I shot some for his sister Jessie who will be graduating from college this year. We had fun talking the whole time, and wow, this girl is smart! She's traveled all over the world during her time in college, studying tons of cool stuff that I couldn't even start to describe. After talking with her, I felt like I needed to brush up on some vocab! We shot her photos in the same location as her brother, but we were really intentional about not making the pics looks the same. St. Louis is such a great place because the city has so much texture that you can shoot in the same spot a hundred times and get a wide variety of unique shots. Thanks for hanging out with me, Jessie!

Jessie is so photogenic it was hard to pick only a few photos!

See what I mean? The girl can't take a bad picture!