Saturday, September 22, 2007


So there's this thing going around with photographers across the country. One photog will make a blog post revealing 8 interesting facts about himself/herself and then tag other photograhers to do the same. And now it's my turn :). I've been tagged by my new friends Stephanie and Clary. So, here ya go. 8 facts about Lisa :).

1. I live with my husband and 98 other guys and I'm totally cool with that. Ok, so this one probably deserves a little bit of an explanation. My husband is the Resident Director at Missouri Baptist University, so we live in an apartment in the mens dorm. Before you start feeling sorry for me, let me just say, this is really one of the coolest things that has ever happened to us!:). My husband is in seminary and working in the dorms allows his work schedule to be really flexible. AND we get the opportuntiy to live in community with some of the best college students. It's really a blessing. Oh, and we're far enough away from the guys, so we don't even smell them ;).

2. I am the world's worst dancer. It's a shame, really. I went to a private school where dancing wasn't allowed so i never learned, and unfortunately, my God-given rythmn is quite unpleasant. I try. but never in public.

3. I love brushing my teeth, and it's not why you think. I have one of those cool toothbrushes that sings... and it sings the theme song to Hannah Montana. Yeah, that's right. Hannah Montana. You get the best of both worlds...

4. I love Jesus. A lot.

5. I'm a pretty short girl. I do my best to make myself look taller, but yeah, I'm still short. My grandma told me that in Italian, my last name means "little women," so perhaps I was doomed to be short.

6. If I haven't had coffee by 9 am, run. fast. You don't want to mess with this.

7. By all accounts, I love a good sale. I almost never buy anything full price and I'm quite proud of all the money I've saved. BUT I do have one weakness: designer jeans. Ah. Show me a pair of Seven's and all my frugality goes out the window.

8. I am not an emotional person, but I get a little teary during the vows at every wedding that I shoot. It's always touching to hear a couple affirm their love for each other, but when I look around and see my husband shooting photos during the ceremony with me, it's a little astounding. I just wanna squeeze him. We've been married for 3 years, and wow, being married is the best. He comes with me to almost every photoshoot, even though he has about a thousand other things to do. It's like he's affirming our marraige covenant when he freely gives of his time to shoot with me and support my work. I truly don't deserve someone like him.

So there ya have it. Eight facts about me. And now it's my turn to tag another photographer. I nominate my friend Kristen, who is just starting her photography business. We're going to be working on a photo project together in the next month, so keep your eye out for her :).