Wednesday, February 3, 2010

I'm terrible at waiting

Ugh. I hate waiting.

I'm terrible at it.

I remember one time when we were in Chicago with some friends, we were looking for a good restaurant for dinner on a Saturday night and had just a terrible time finding something. The first place we stopped was way over-priced for our walking attire, so we left just after looking over the menu posted outside the entrance. The second place we stopped featured all outdoor seating by the river... and a big fat rat who liked to dine on the leftovers. We were out of there before we could say "Ratatouille." Knowing that the Grande Luxe on Michigan Ave would for sure be delicious, we decided to head there. A friend had told us they had amazing beignets and dang it, I was going to have one and it was going to be delightful. Well actually... I didn't really know what a beignet was at that point, but I WAS going to find out. I heard it was like a donut but more fattening and better tasting and more expensive. That's my kind of food right there.

The wait at the Grande Luxe was about an hour. Did I mention I hate waiting?

We decided to just stick it out so we could finally get some food (two of us were pregnant at the time and waiting for food was like torture), but after an hour passed... and then an hour and a half... and then almost two hours... my patience had run very thin. Ok, who am I kidding... I didn't have any patience to begin with. I was so hungry that I started eating them lemon in my water. It was gross. I didn't care.

When we finally got a table, I immediately turned to the dessert section of the mene. And then I found the beignets. Score. Then I noticed they took 45 minutes to cook. Boo.

By the time we FINALLY got our food after waiting for honestly an unreasonable amount of time, it was well after 10pm. I didn't care about waiting for those beignets anymore. I just wanted to go back to our hotel and prop my swollen feet up and sleep. So I asked for them to be boxed up so I could take them with me.

We walked across the street to our hotel and I think I still had a scowl on my face. I told you I was terrible at waiting.

After we switched on the television, I settled into bed and started to drift off to sleep. And then I thought about the beignets. "I wonder if they're still warm," I pondered as I sat up and made my way toward the sweet smelling box of delights. "It's late, but maybe I'll just eat one right now. I did wait all that time. I think I deserve a reward."

A few moments passed and then I gave in. Just one beignet. And then one beignet turned into two. And then three. And then almost the whole order (and not surprisingly, I gained double the amount of pounds I should have during the course of the pregnancy.). Jon looked at me disapprovingly as I devoured the tasty french treats. I wouldn't look him straight in the eye because I just couldn't. I didn't want to take my gaze off my prize. Those beignets were incredible!! Everything about them delighted my palette and warmed my soul. If I had had a guitar with me that night, I would have written a sonnet about them at set it to music... and I don't even play the guitar. My scowl melted into a smile almost immediately and the world seemed like it suddenly became a better place. Every hurried bite was more delicious than the next.

Even though my cheeks were puffy because I was eating so fast, I found the strength to look over at Jon and say, "This was SO worth it."

And on a related note, I wanted to let you in on a little behind the scenes info... I've been working on designing a new blog this winter with bigger images, easier navigation, and a couple of cool features that I really just adore. I told quite a few people about this, and I had planned to launch the blog on January 1, but, as you can clearly see, that didn't happen.

The design work for the blog is pretty much complete -and has been since December- but as I was evaluating my business goals for 2010, I kept circling back to the idea of developing better branding, and creating a clearer image of who I am and what I love.

So that's what I'm doing right now. I'm overhauling everything with the help of a fantastic creative team, and to encourage a cohesive design, I'm going to wait to launch my new blog until the creative process is complete. I haven't been super consistent about blogging new images from wedding and portrait sessions because I wanted to fill my new blog with content from my amazing 2009 clients. But I hate waiting :). I'm going to start posting like a fiend now. Just watch out... I have a lot to say :).

Until then, my nearly-finished, shiny new blog with giant images will sit hidden in the land of internet code. But someday in the future -hopefully sooner than later- I'll be able to share it with you.

I'm terrible at waiting, but I know when my creative team has put the finishing touches in place, I'll let me eyes peruse my blog and then I'll look over at my husband and say "This was SO worth it."

And as if I weren't already salivating at the thought my precious beignet's, here's a peek of a bridal luncheon I shot in 2009. Watch for the entire wedding soon!

Take a look at those eggs. I must have some now!

have you ever seen French Toast that looked like this? I'm much too hungry to be looking at this right now...

All yummity goodness served up by Companion in the CWE.


brit @ landlocked bride said...

Oh, my I love Companion Cafe! Delish!

And, I'm so excited for your new look and cannot wait to see it all!!

Katie said...

excited about your new look as well! where is that bridal shower location? It's cute!

Lisa Hessel said...

The luncheon was at Companion Cafe in the CWE and it was THE perfect place for a relaxed brunch with all the ladies. The room was secluded from the rest of the cafe and the chef came out and welcomed the ladies personally. Everyone was in LOVE with the eggs, so the chef gave everyone a recipe so they could recreate his masterpiece. Excellent service AND delicious!

Sarah Lough said...

You have me in suspense! Good thing I'm not pregnant and waiting for beignets. I think we'd have to share words. lol I can picture you now.

Also! Love Companion! Yummy yummy bread.

Katie said...

Darn! It looks like that location closed a month ago! I do love the food and people at the Clayton store, I used to eat lunch there a lot!

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