Friday, February 12, 2010

Engagement shoots are my some of my very favorite sessions to photograph. EVER. It's such a great opportunity for me to get to know my clients a little bit better and to see how they interact together in front of the camera. I always try to encourage my clients to pick a location that's meaningful to them because I think that makes the resulting photos just that much more meaningful. Kate and Ben picked a perfect spot for their engagement photos... City Garden. It's not only a great urban landscape, but it's also the location that Ben proposed :).

Love laughter :).

And this is where their story began... right in the middle of the triangle. I've been to the City Garden a dozen times, and I've never even really noticed the triangle, but I LOVE it!

Love these next two bw's.

What is that golden orb I see? I used to know what it was called, but I haven't seen it in so very long...

Thanks for braving the cold with me, Kate and Ben! Can't wait for your wedding in March!


Tony and Kristen Mueller said...

BEN!!! I went to high school with Ben...they are super cute together. LOVE the photos Lisa!

Anonymous said...

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