Friday, December 4, 2009

Ellen and Jay :: a Beautiful Wedding, Pt. 1

From the moment I arrived, I felt like I was part of the party. It was such a beautiful day -pretty much perfect in terms of a wedding day- which was perfectly complimented by a perfectly lovely couple. I just can't say enough good things about Ellen and Jay. In fact, my camera and I loved their wedding day so much that I'm going to have to split up their post into two parts. Too much loveliness for one post :).

I shot this at the beginning of the day and knew it was going to be lovely. "No one else comes close." Melt my heart.

Lovely invitations by the ever fab Rachel.

Adorable flower girls make me smile. And I'm betting they made you smile too.

Some pretty deets

Nothing beats a bride getting ready.

Ellen, you're amazing

cuteness overload

The back of Ellen's dress is ca-razy awesome.

The wedding party got ready at the Moonrise Hotel in The Loop. I had heard so much about this hotel and I was so excited to see it from the inside. Eclectic, mod, and swanky.


Get ready for it again... adorable flower girls on the move.

Jon captured this moment. Makes me remember what it felt like to walk down the aisle.

I love the kiss that ends in a huge, relieved, joyful hug.


more tomorrow :).