Tuesday, March 9, 2010

An Impromptu Maternity Shoot with a Beautiful Friend

Working from home is such a blessing. Really, it is... but it also comes with challenges I never quite anticipated. And having a husband who works from home (and from Starbucks from time to time) doubles our joy... and distraction :). One of the biggest challenges that we face is that we're so connected to our email and computers and phones because they are always there... and as a result, we sometimes feel like we're always working. Like all the time working. At 2am and sometimes into the wee hours of the morning. Don't get me wrong, I wouldn't change my work environment for the world... I mean, today, I wore workout clothes to work and watched the Biggest Loser while I edited... it's the best! But sometimes, we just need to get away from it all. And watching tv in the living room doesn't count. We have to get out of town.

So, Jon and I started talking about where we could go to get away for just a day or two that wouldn't break the bank and lock us in the car for an eternity. And almost immediately, Jon suggested we drive to Cincinnati to visit some of our good friends who had just moved away from the Lou.

So we were off. As we headed toward the city, I was totally expecting to see a vintage town a la WKRP in Cincinnati with everyone wearing plaid polyester blazers and feathered bangs. I guess that's kind of telling of how much tv I watch....

Our friends Adam and Ashley met us shortly after we woke up (around 10am... hallelujah for sleeping in!) and took us on a tour of the city, which, much to my surprise was not laden with ultra-wide bell-bottom wearing radio personalities. Cincinnati is actually pretty cool. Really, it's way cool. I should know... I ate my way through the entire city, and I had more fun than I can recount.

And, as an added bonus, our beautiful friend Ashley is going to have a baby! We decided to have an impromptu maternity session about mid-way through our tour of the city (or as Kevin would say, a bit after 1st lunch and right before 2nd lunch).

Seriously, Ashley has got to be the cutest preggo ever. She makes me regret eating all those eggo waffles when I was pregnant.

Seriously, check her out. Is she one hot mama or what?!

Adam and Ashley are having a baby girl, but they're keeping her name a secret. I kept hoping it would slip out, but much to my chagrin, it didn't. I did have time to think about it, though, and I'm pretty sure I have it figured out. I guess I'll have to wait to find out, though... and we all know how much I LOVE waiting :).

Love these of Ash. Beautiful.

We miss you already, Adam and Ashley! We can't wait to meet your precious baby girl and are excited to witness you enter the joy of parenthood. You will be incredible... it's inevitable :). Much love to all three of you!


Inez DeMink said...

Lisa, These are just incredible!! I especially like the full-length shot with all the greenery. Fabulous!!

landlocked bride said...

Gorgeous photos!

My best friend and MOH is from Cincinnati - it's a great town with great character!

LC said...

Hey Lisa! I just found your blog and wanted to tell you how talented you are! Your pictures are beautiful. I wish I would have known about your when we got married! My husband is just getting into photography (http://mncphotography.blogspot.com/)and I sent him your blog for inspiration. Keep you the good work! I am very impressed!

Anonymous said...


I love the picture on the butterfly bench!

Lisa Hessel said...

LC - Thanks so much! You're too sweet :). And, um, your husband's work with babies is AH_-MAZING!!!!

Bridal Horizons - Thank you :). I love me some butterfly benches :).