Tuesday, November 17, 2009

A day in the life of the cutest ring bearer in the world

Earlier this fall, my brother-in-law married his sweetheart and I was thrilled to be able to document their wedding day. It's always so meaningful to have a part in the wedding of family. I wasn't the only one to be a part of the wedding, though. Jon performed the ceremony, and Kaden was one of the ring bearers. It was so great to be able to not only be shooting a beautiful wedding, but also photographing my very favorite two guys along the way :). Kaden was a trooper and played the cutie card all day long... and I've got the pictures to prove it :).

Kaden chilled with grandpa Hessel to start off the night at the rehearsal.

Then it was time to practice walking down the aisle. Well, walking may be stretching it a little. A cute little wagon wheeled Kaden and his cousin Tegan down the aisle.

Then it was time for the big day! God bless Stacie, who is an absolute saint, for hanging out with Kaden before, during and after the ceremony... having her there sure did make things less stressful because I never had to wonder where Kaden was or if he was hungry or anything. Stacie is just the best. Don't ask me for her number. I won't give it to you :)

While I waited for the bride to arrive, I got the chance to snap some shots of him.... such a nice change of pace on a wedding day to get to photo the cutest boy in the world :).

Then on to the church. stacie put the finishing touches on Kaders hair...

Yeah, that's one good lookin ring bearer with a faux hawk

Checking himself out one last time before going down the aisle

no tears. both little guys did a great job :)

Already thinking about the wedding cake. Must take after his mother.

After a few hours of socializing with out of town friends and family, it was time to hit the reception

But he didn't make it very far before he crashed.

But he did manage to wake up for a dance with the photographer.

Full wedding recap coming soon!


Kelly Park Photography said...

Kaden is adorable, love his little smile :)

renee said...

love the pic of the dance!!! so precious!!!! he's getting sooo big!!!

brit @ landlocked bride said...

Lisa!! He is so adorable!

Jharder said...

Such a cute kid! I love his pre reception face. It's like he's saying "Let's do this!"

Michael said...

Yeah, Kaden is "pretty darn cute," as we used to say growing up. Truly. He's adorable.

Joe said...

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Joe said...

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