Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Michelle and Luis :: Married

I remember sitting in Dewey's across the table from Michelle and Luis. "Oh, you guys have to try this," they told us. "It's the best."

I was a little skeptical. Pepperoni pizza with white sauce? It just didn't sound too very appetizing. I mean, have you tried the red pizza sauce at Dewey's? It's amazing. Why were we messing with a good thing? It wasn't even on the menu, so it must not be that good, right?

We chatted about wedding plans and jobs and the like, while I whet my appetite with a delicious salad. Our server refilled our drinks, and he was promptly followed by two steaming hot pizzas. Ah, I always love that moment at a restaurant when you catch a glimpse of a delicious dish and then you notice that it's heading your way. Bliss. And then they sat that mystery pizza down in front of me. The Pepperoni pizza with white sauce. I raised my brow skeptically as the server put it down in front of me. I almost passed over it completely, but then, not wanting to be rude, I selected a small slice of the white pepperoni.

"So, how did you guys meet?" I asked them as I filled the remaining space on my plate with my fave, the Edgar Allen Poe. Michelle and Luis exchanged glances and began telling us the cute story of how they had met during college while studying at the library. I didn't let them get very far into the story before I had to stop them.

"Sweet Mother!," I said, maybe just a bit too loudly. "This is amazing!"

And wouldn't you know it, that dang pizza... that pepperoni with white sauce that I had nearly snubbed... it was freakin scrumptious! Even as I'm typing this, I can almost taste it. It was so flavorful and garlic-y and delicious. Man, I love that pizza.

Just a few months later, I met Michelle at the salon on her wedding day. With camera in hand, I was prepared to document her wedding day. Not only has Michelle become a good friend to me, but she also introduced me to one of the new loves of my life. The pepperoni with white sauce. And for that, I am eternally thankful:).

And now on the photos...

Getting ready in the salon at the Chase. They do lovely work :).

Would you check out that dress??

I love the Chase :). Such a lovely place to get ready.

Luis and Michelle chose to have a First Look, which allowed us a lot of time for some wonderfully romantic portraits.

see what I mean? Oh-so-romantic.

everybody needs a nice portrait for mom :)

One of my favorites

Luis looking rather dapper

Another one of my favorites. I loved seeing just how into each other Michelle and Luis are.

The men

The ladies. The breezeway was, well, so breezy.

Then it was back to the Randall Gallery for the ceremony and reception. Michelle was so excited, she nearly danced all the way down the aisle. Adorable.

Michelle's big sis.

Oh I love this. Michelle's parents provided the music during the lighting of the unity candle. Her mom sang "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" while her step dad accompanied on the steel guitar. Made me get a little misty.

These two are such amazing dancers.

Always love the sparkler exit

Michelle and Luis, thank you so much for letting me be a part of your wedding day. It was truly an honor and I hope we can get together for pizza again soon :).