Thursday, December 4, 2008

Where, oh where have I been...

Soooo... Yeah, I know. I am a bad blogger.

I've been editing and shooting like there's no tomorrow and my poor blog has suffered from bloggity neglect. But no more, my friends, no more. Very soon, I'll be rolling out some sessions with some amazing clients that I'm so excited about posting! In the meantime, though, here are seven things I've been up to (other than editing and shooting, of course):

1. I've spent some time listening to the lyrics of that Jason Mraz song that's on the radio way way way too much (I'm Yours). Have you listened to the lyrics ever? Gosh, that song is a little silly. The last verse says, "I've been spending way to much time looking at my tongue in the mirror/ and bending over backward just to try to see it clearer/ but my breath fogged up the glass/ so I drew a new face and I laughed." Nonsense, I tell you.

2. Eating. And, on a related note, I now have two chins. And my feet have pretty much disappeared too. Awesome.

3. I skipped Black Friday, but indulged in Cyber Monday.

4. Not cleaning.

5. Falling in love with gumdrops, mint m&m's and twizzlers. Those bits of sugary goodness are seriously amazing.... and quite possibly related to my aforementioned afflictions in #2.

6. Getting confused about the position of my baby. I was pretty sure he's been breech this whole time, and my dr. concurred. Then, I visited another dr. and he said he didn't think the baby was breech. So basically, all this time when we've thought we were talking to the baby's head, we've probably been talking to his rump. Poor kid... he probably already things his parents are nuts.

7. Trying to keep Stella trained. That dog trainer we sent her to for a week was un-be-freakin-lievable. I, on the other hand, pretty much suck.

Keep your eyeballs peeled.... photos coming soon!