Monday, August 11, 2008

Marvelous Monday #17 :: Elusive Cinnamon Bears

What is the deal with grocery stores and gas stations these days. I mean, I've been searching since well before Christmas and everywhere I look, there's a gaping hole in what should be the most magical section of the store. Yes, my childhood infatuation with candy has led me on a quest to find the most cherished of all candies: the cinnamon bear. If a store is lucky enough to carry this once very common variety of sugary delight, they are always out of stock. And I mean always. Gas stations, once the mecca for said cinnamon bears, have ceased to even carry the tasty treat. Now, junk like Hannah Montana light up ring pops or high school musical signing lollipops fill the once sacred spot on the shelf that used to belong to the cinnamon bear. It's the same everywhere I look in this city. No cinnamon bears to be found. Try it. You will soon understand my plight. It's a travesty that not only has made me a little crazy in St. Louis, but my brother is experiencing the same bear-draught in Kansas City. He's even documented it on his cell phone. It's a crying shame, I tell you.

When I was in DeSoto to photograph Jim and Christy's wedding (which I will be blogging very soon), we experienced one of the hottest days we've ever had the pleasure of shooting in. On our way to the reception, we stopped off at a Casey's gas station to buy some much need water and refreshments, and, as is typical of me, my parade through the gas station began in the candy aisle. Even though I was parched beyond belief and well on the verge of dehydration, what I saw before my eyes gleaming in the flickering halogen lights of the convenience store made my thirst dissipate as if by magic. Right in between the orange slices and the peppermints was the object my heart had lusted after for far too many days. I stared that row of cinnamon bears in the eyes and yelped. Yeah, Jon and everyone else in the store heard me. I'm not sure what was more attention drawing... the fact that a sweaty pregnant photographer was squealing in endless delight in the candy aisle or my attempt to carry every single bag of cinnamon bears to the cash register.

Yeah, I bought them all.

I don't know about you, but a mountain full of cinnamon bears is just what I needed to make this Monday just a bit more marvelous :)


Jharder said...

I have not been able to partake in the apparently delightful treat. I'm glad to hear you've filled your heart's desire. ;)

Sarah Marie said...

That was one of the funniest stories on your blog yet. Thanks for the chuckle!

renee said...

i have had the pleasure of partaking in said bears, and they are as delightful as you claim. i am also pleased that my hometown was able to accomodate your craving. i have had a similar problem with the large tangy taffy bars...and too have once bought out the whole store. hahaha love it!

Sarah Lough Photography said...

I have the same addiction. I know of a store that ALWAYS has them in stock. IN St. Louis.

I could tell you, but then you'd buy them all.

Trisha said...

I'm a "blog stalker" of yours! ;)

I started reading your story and was like, "OH, I can't wait to tell her that they have them at Casey's all the time." Then I started reading the rest of your story and realized I was not going to be able to get the thrill out of letting you know the good news. ha

I'm so glad that you have finally discovered your favorite little candies!

P.S. I have some in my cabinet, thanks to my hubby. SO, if you want to come over and teach me some of your photography greatness (because I'm a beginner and you rock), they're all yours! ;) lol j/k hehe

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